Miel de Amor tea blend

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Miel de Amor tea blend

Romance yourself with the Miel de Amor tea blend!

This box includes 6 tea bags filled with an aphrodisiac blend of hibiscus, rose, damiana, cinnamon, ginger, milky oats, and hawthorn berry.

Add raw honey or your go-to sweetener and serve with other favorite delectable treats. Enjoy on that night in with yourself you’ve been looking forward to or share with your latest crush.

What’s an aphrodisiac? Aphrodisiacs work through our senses. For aphrodisiacs that we can eat and drink (taste and feel), they can help reduce stress, increase blood flow, keep sensitive tissue hydrated or even have a positive affect on neurotransmitters! These are all things that can be an important base for “turning you on.”

Some aphrodisiac food pairings to go with your Miel de Amor tea service:
pomegranate seeds
chocolate covered strawberries
roasted salmon with pesto
ginger snap cookies
vanilla ice cream drizzled with olive oil
pumpkin pie and whipped cream
apples slices dipped in caramel
figs with raw honey
cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes
frozen chocolate covered bananas
watermelon sprinkled with tajín