Cum To Me Spell Candle

Cum To Me Spell Candle

Cum To Me spell candle sets the mood for passion, sex, desire, and brujeria.

This unscented 100% paraffin wax spell candle is anointed with roses, glitter, and Melt Lube oil to amplify sexual energy towards deeper desires.

Remember that sex magic doesn’t need to include other sexual partners, romantic love, or orgasms. Sex looks different for everyone and so does sex magic.

Light the Cum To Me spell candle with intention and...
~ breathe deep into body parts that feel sexual while focusing on your desire
~ write erotica that includes your desire
~ bathe your lover and talk about your desires
~ explore your body with light touch with your desire in mind
~ listen to a sexy playlist or porn sounds while thinking about your desire
~ adorn your body with lingerie, flowers, kink wear, or whatever feels sexy to you while picturing your desire
~ focus on your desire at the moment of orgasm